We exclusively deliver our goods according to our general sales and delivery terms. By accepting our goods, the customer implicitly accepts our terms. Any contestation will be considered invalid. Article 1 - ORDER TERMS
Declarations of intent and orders are only taken into account when they are sent to us in written.
Article 2 - PRICES
Prices and deadlines are given for information only and without any commitment. Applied prices are valid at the delivery date, except if stated otherwise in a written agreement. Prices are net prices without discount or rebate, calculated ex-works. Your payment implies you accept the goods.
Article 3 - DELIVERY
Goods are transported at the recipent's risks, even in case of a free on board shipment. We make all efforts to comply with deadlines even though they have no compulsory character. No request for compensation following a late delivery will be taken into account.
Article 4 - GUARANTEE
Only guarantee requests sent within 7 days from receipt of goods will be taken into account. These requests must be sent to us at the following address : MADELIN S.A. - ZAC du Moulin Marcille - 49130 LES PONTS-DE-CÉ
Any other claim, specifically regarding indirect damages, will not be taken into account.
The manufacturer may exercise his right to modify the sold product.
Article 5 - TERMS OF USE
The purchaser must commit himself to maintaining the confidentiality of the tools or knowledge he acquires and to only use them within the framework of his prodessional activity and to transfer them exclusively to other professionals who make the same commitments.
The sold product can only be used within specific circumstances. The purchasers are reminded that, under all circumstances, they must comply with the requirements of article 184 of the Criminal Code relating to the protection of individual property.
Any transfer of tool must give rise to a declaration form sent to Madelin S.A. with, potentially, the product's serial number so as to allow for the identification of its owner at any time.
Article 7 - PAYMENT
Our goods are payable cash and without discount, except is stated otherwise in written by MADELIN S.A. In case of a partial or total non-payment of a due invoice, an interest rate for late payment will be automatically applied without notice. They start running from the original due date and until payment is done, on the basis of the legal interest rate increase by 5 points (Law of December, 31st 1992) and of a lump-sum price applied for administrative expenses.
Goods remain our exclusive property until they are fully paid for (in compliance with Law 80335 dated May, 12th 1980).
In the event of a dispute, it will come under the exclusive jurisdiction of the ANGERS Court.
Article 10 - TRANSLATION
The translation of these terms is for information only and cannot be used as a legal document. Only the French version of these terms is legally valid. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
AFTER SALES SERVICE • We repair your equipment, whether the guarantee is still valid or not.
• A quote will be sent to you .
• Where the guarantee period has expired, a lump-sump price (for retrieving, dismantling and analysing the tool) will be billed if you do not accept our quote. The unrepaired tool will be sent back to you dismantled and you will be charged for transportation costs.
• This lump-sum price will not apply if you buy a replacement tool.
• Repaired tools will be sent back to the customer : - Madelin S.A. will pay for transportation costs when the tool still has a valid guarantee. - The customer will pay for transportation costs when the guarantee period has expired.
MADELIN S.A. - 15 à 19 rue Paul Pousset - ZAC du Moulin Marcille 49130 LES PONTS-DE-CÉ (FRANCE) - Tel. (+33) 02 41 33 19 20